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  • Date Night - Rocky Mountain High

    I don’t know how many people are lucky enough to be the recipients of a “Grand Gesture”, but my Queen and I experienced one last weekend. A dear friend of ours presented us last year with a gift certificate for a 2 night stay at a cabin resort in one of our National Parks.

  • Fall Chores

    It is undeniable, summer is almost over and fall is getting closer. The weather is still very nice but the days are noticeably shorter and the air in the morning has a decided fresh, cool feeling to it. Soon the leaves will all be taking on their autumn colours and falling all over my yard. Seems it is time to think about all the yard chores that have to be done in the next few weeks.
  • Store It, Don't Pour It!

    There has been quite a campaign going on from our city to urge people to “store it, don’t pour it”, referring to cooking grease going down the drain. I know that years ago, people thought that it was fine to pour grease down the drain as long as you chased it with really hot water and maybe a little dish soap. I don’t think anyone even gave a passing thought as to what happened to it once it went down the drain.

  • Date Night - Berry Pickin'


    Some times you can get a great idea for something you can use on a date just from listening to your spouse. In my case, I guess I had a little help when someone free-cycled their pressure canner to us and my Queen mentioned that she would love to try some canning this fall.

  • Fixin' Eaves To Eaves Fixin's

    Today has been a very rainy day! So rainy that my neighbor Lenny called me for help because had water coming into his basement. Just one look at his eavestroughs, and I could see that they had pulled away from the house, which was allowing the water to run off the roof and down the side of his house.

  • Date Night - Scrabble In The Park

    I’m always on the lookout for different things I can do for a day or an evening with just me and my Queen. Sure, there’s always weekend trips to Paris or London, but whose budget allows for that? Ours doesn’t. Still, the main thing is to make sure you regularly make the time to spend some alone time with your spouse. With the job, kids, house repairs, other obligations of life, it’s easy to let the romance part slide but I firmly believe it’s an essential part of a happy marriage. 

  • Date Night - Street Performer's Festival

    As much as I like to be imaginative when it comes to Date Night, sometimes it is just foolish not to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that come available for a short period of time. Sometimes a concert will come to town or some entertainment that you just don’t want to miss.

  • How to Build A Better Mousetrap

    Do you ever have problems with mice? I mean serious problems, maybe in the shed or other out building? Tired of having to reset traps that if they work they only catch one mouse? You can build your own fool-proof, multi-mouse catching trap. Here is what you need and how to build it.

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