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Enjoyable and educational. I liked looking it over & I am not even a kid or parent. It has tonnes of practical tips & the comic style format is full of good humor... I would highly recommend this for families! - Cloudshoveller

My daughter likes the graphics more than anything right now (she's 2)... It's nice for them to get a head start on things-even if they don't realize that they are learning anything :) - JCI6291

My son loves stuff like this. He makes me stop every time he sees litter anywhere. He will enjoy this site a lot. - lozanoamy

This is a great fun site! I love the content and the information. The cartoons make it easy for kids to understand and enjoy at the same time. This one is going into my favorites. - WyteAnjal

Great Site. Perfect for children and parents who are conscious about the environment and looking to make a difference in their own backyards. - Clockwork187

I'm on the "Green Team" at work and found this to be full of great resources. - Ottawa, ON

Wonderful Site! I don't usually respond to sites, but I like this one! - Canton, MI

I loved this site it was full of great information not only for me but my kids to. - Mcvay70

very good my son enjoyed it he even gave me some tips it was good for a lesson on being green. - Uniquefulwonder

I work in a childcare setting so I think this would be a great site for Parents info days and boards - kristan397

My kids will love this site. What a great way to keep them informed on the environment! - Dolly112233

It's always a good thing to teach children about the responsibilities they have as member of Mother Earth. The website is user friendly and fun!! - eparisher

A really fun and informative site to help children (and their parents)... It offers fun activities to help everyone see how a few changes can really add up and save our resources - as well as a few dollars in our pockets. - JstNFun38

Wow very informative. I never really thought of how much electricity is used to power clocks on appliances. I think I"m going to start unplugging those appliances as suggested and see how much I can save!!! - vealcalf2000

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