How to Build A Better Mousetrap

Do you ever have problems with mice? I mean serious problems, maybe in the shed or other out building? Tired of having to reset traps that if they work they only catch one mouse? You can build your own fool-proof, multi-mouse catching trap. Here is what you need and how to build it.


All you need is a 5 gallon pail, a wire coat hanger and a paper or styrofoam plate.



With an electric drill, drill two holes on opposing side of the bucket just under the rim. Try to get them as close center as you can, but if you miss by a little it is still going to work.


Take your coat hanger and cut the long straight part on the bottom of the hanger. Put this piece of wire through the holes that you have drilled in your pail. Then take your paper plate and turn it upside down and position it over the opening of the pail so that one side is just resting on the rim of the pail. With a pencil mark where the wire sits under the plate and poke holes in the plate so that you can run the wire through one side and out the other.


Take the wire out of the holes in the pail, turn your plate right side up and run the wire through one hole in the pail, through the holes in the paper plate and out the other hole in your pail So now your plate should be resting on the rim  of the pail and be supported by the wire.


Smear a little peanut butter on the plate edge that is close to the center of the pail, don't use too much or your plate might start to tip into the pail. 


Add 2 or 3 inches of water to the bottom of the pail to prevent the mice from jumping out after they are caught. Your trap is now ready.


Place the trap somewhere that the mice can get to the rim of the pail, you may need to lean a stick or something for them to climb up on to get to the top of the pail. When the mice get a sniff of that peanut butter they will go out onto the plate to get it, the plate will tip them into the pail. Then the plate will fall back onto the rim of the pail ready for the next mouse.


It will be a good idea to change the water in the bottom of the pail every few days to prevent smell.


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