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  • Princess Curtains From Bed Sheets

    BooBear has been going through a fairytale stage lately and I thought of an easy present to make for her that she will really like. It’s a princess canopy for her bed. I talked to Grampa about my idea, and he said he would be happy to help me out. We waited until she did an overnight sleepover at one of her friends to surprise her.

  • Tie Dye For (Part 2)

    Well, Teresa and I made 5 shirts last night and they are setting right now, so since I have so much time on my hands I figured I’d finish this blog.

  • Tie Dye For (Part 1)

    You liked my faded jeans blog so well that here is another great idea for the hippy-hip kids who want a thrifty way of saving that stained t-shirt and giving it a whole new look by tie-dying it.

  • DIY Shoe Repair

    Shoes are an expensive part of my budget. Sure you can buy cheap ones that fall apart in the first week, but I’ve learned to spend a little more to get something that’s better made. I’ve also learned that my feet don’t stink as much if don’t wear shoes made from plastic or vinyl.

  • Surviving On A Living Allowance

    My parents decided a few years ago that the best way to teach me and my older sister how to manage money was to allow us to look after our own fiances. They started giving us a living allowance every week that we are expected to budget all of our expenses with. Aside from food and things that we use from the household like internet, electricity and water, etc. we take care of whatever we need to buy for ourselves.

  • Recycled Home Theatre

    Me and my friends love getting together in the winter to watch movies. You can make up a big bowl of popcorn and sometimes get through a couple of movies in an evening. The trouble is, we’ve started running out of stock and new movies are expensive.

  • Unique Christmas Family Tree

    It’s really hard to think of something to give to my Grandparents for presents because they always say they don’t need anything anymore. We still try to think of small things that they might use. Nothing really big or expensive, but just so they get something from us kids.

  • Repairing Scratched Lenses


    I’ve been pretty hard on my glasses and I don’t always wash them properly before I wipe them clean and I especially don’t always use the special cloth that you are supposed to use so as not to damage the lenses. I found my glasses were getting so scratched that I could barely see out of them any more.  It honestly got to the point where it was annoying me every time I put them on so badly that I was not even bothering to wear them anymore and running around blind.  Since I just bought these glasses not too long ago and the frames are still in perfect shape, I wasn’t about to go out and buy new ones just yet!  I had to find a solution to somehow remove these scratches.  As it turns out, there are several household materials that one can use to resolve this problem.  

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