Fall Chores

It is undeniable, summer is almost over and fall is getting closer. The weather is still very nice but the days are noticeably shorter and the air in the morning has a decided fresh, cool feeling to it. Soon the leaves will all be taking on their autumn colours and falling all over my yard. Seems it is time to think about all the yard chores that have to be done in the next few weeks.
Let's see, where to start? First my Queen wants some old dirt removed from the front lawn area and new fresh topsoil added so that we can seed new grass for next years lawn. I heard somewhere that fall is the best time to plant grass seed as long as it has time to germinate before the snow and cold comes. I guess that will be first on my to do list.
What else? Well, the side fence needs some fixing and a coat of paint wouldn't hurt either and the sidewalk between our house and the neighbors could use a little care too. I have a feeling this list is going to get long!
Each fall I like to give the big trees on our boulevard a big drink of water before the frost. Usually what I do is set up the garden hose, just under the drip edge of the branches, and let it trickle water for a few days. You have to run the hose very slowly so that the water seeps into the soil and not have it just run off down the street. This year I think I am going to make myself a deep root waterer.
What I am going to do is take a strong piece of galvanized 1/2 inch pipe, about 3 1/2 feet long. One end will be threaded so that I can hook up the garden hose and the other end will be cut at an angle and sharpened. Turn the water on, stick the sharp end of the pipe into the ground as deep as I can and water the roots of the tree below the surface of the ground. I hope this works as planned because it should speed up the process and waste less water to evaporation. I saw these things advertised on TV and figured that I could make my own.
Each year we have to gather and mulch all the leaves that our big trees drop. It is a lot of work but the trees are beautiful and the effort is worth it. People say that driving down our street past our house is like driving through a green tunnel. I need to give the old lawn mower a tune up before the leaves come down. Mulching all them leaves gives it a good work out!
The outdoor furniture must be cleaned and put away, but not yet - it is still too nice out not to enjoy a few more evenings in the yard.
I have to think about getting the winter tires on the old family wagon and to get it in to get the winterizing done. No point waiting till it is too late and getting stuck in a big waiting list at the shop.

Autumn is one of my favourite times but it is also a lot of work. No time like the present to get started.... Now where did I put that bottle of Advil for the aching back I am going to have? 



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