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  • Fall Chores

    It is undeniable, summer is almost over and fall is getting closer. The weather is still very nice but the days are noticeably shorter and the air in the morning has a decided fresh, cool feeling to it. Soon the leaves will all be taking on their autumn colours and falling all over my yard. Seems it is time to think about all the yard chores that have to be done in the next few weeks.
  • Fixin' Eaves To Eaves Fixin's

    Today has been a very rainy day! So rainy that my neighbor Lenny called me for help because had water coming into his basement. Just one look at his eavestroughs, and I could see that they had pulled away from the house, which was allowing the water to run off the roof and down the side of his house.

  • Saying It With Flowers

    Now that Mother’s Day is but a memory for another year, ladies all over are putting away their vases. It always seems a shame to me how much money is spent on cut flowers that only last a few days, but there is nothing lovelier on the table than a spring bouquet, whether purchased from the floral shop or hand picked by someone who loves you.

  • Natural Wasp Deterrent


    I was browsing in my favourite Canadian Tire store the other day, and I saw something there by the checkouts that made me chuckle. It looked a little bit like a japanese paper lantern, but really it was suppose to be  a paper replica of a wasp’s nest, for the purpose of keeping wasps away. It was pretty close to $10.

  • Clean-A-Thon Fundraiser


    My Sprouts group needs to raise some money for our big end of the year camp out. Some of the other kids wanted to do a bake sale. Some wanted to do a bottle drive. I came up with another idea.

  • Evergreen Wedding

    My cousin Kimberley is getting married next month, and she’s asked me to be her junior bridesmaid! It’s the first time I’ve been invited to be part of a wedding party, but Kimmy knows that her wedding theme would be something that I would appreciate.


  • Grandmother's Rose for Mother's Day

    Last week the kids came to me for ideas as to what to do for my sweetheart for mothers day. They had come up with the usual ideas of flowers or greeting cards, even boxes of chocolates were suggested. Now I know that anything coming from the kids or grandkids would send her to the moon but some of those things were sort of same old same old, know what I mean?


  • Making Use of Multiples

    My Father-in-law Dad Eco is one of those people who can see an opportunity in everything and it’s a wonder the things he can think of do with ordinary stuff. He says that, "especially if you have access to a lot of the same kind of thing, you are almost obligated to find somewhere to use it". Because he grew up around that mentality, The King never passes by anything that looks like it might be going to the landfill without looking it over and telling his Dad about it if he can’t think of a reuse.

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