Clean-A-Thon Fundraiser


My Sprouts group needs to raise some money for our big end of the year camp out. Some of the other kids wanted to do a bake sale. Some wanted to do a bottle drive. I came up with another idea.






You know how everyone is always doing "a-thons"? Like bike- a- thon or eat- a -thon? Or something like that. You know how they work right? First you decide what you are going to do. Then you go out and get people to sponsor you. Then you do what ever it is. Then you collect the money. Easy!







Like for a bike-a-thon people might sponsor you $1 for every kilometers you ride. Well, I thought that it would be better if the people actually got something for the money, right?





So I thought that we could do a spring clean-a-thon!







We will collect sponsors to donate so much for each bag of trash and litter we pick up in the neighborhood! We can do the park and the school yard and the grass by the road.  But we won’t go on the road because it’s not safe. 







Maybe we can even gets some businesses to sponsor us. Then we can clean their parking lots. There’s lots of trash that gets blown around over the winter. 





So our neighborhood will get all cleaned up and we will get money for our camping trip.

Watch ya think? 

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