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  • Wall Unit to Play Kitchen

    Last year I built Boo Bear a cute little play kitchen out of scrap wood and other recycled items I could find and it turned out pretty good. At least BooBear seemed to think so and she still occasionally plays with it when her cousins come over.

  • Gone Fishin'

    There’s nothing better on a nice weekend than slipping out to do a little fishing with one of the kids. You can’t get to my favourite spot by car, so we have to travel light. My fishing ensemble consists of two buckets with snap on lids. One is a large rectangular one that used to hold laundry soap and the second one is a smaller, rectangular one that used to hold dishwasher soap. The smaller one fits quite nicely into the other.

  • A Perfect Present

    You know sometimes the smallest gifts coming from the right person with the right intentions mean the most. I will tell you what I mean.


  • Natural Wasp Deterrent


    I was browsing in my favourite Canadian Tire store the other day, and I saw something there by the checkouts that made me chuckle. It looked a little bit like a japanese paper lantern, but really it was suppose to be  a paper replica of a wasp’s nest, for the purpose of keeping wasps away. It was pretty close to $10.

  • Simple Fixes

    Once of the charms about the TV show MacGyver was that he could take almost any problem and manufacture a fix from whatever happened to be handy. The thing is, quite often you CAN fix things with a something else you have on hand. Sometimes it takes a little modifying, but often you can effect a temporary-to-permanent fix that works just as well as the original.

  • Repurpose a Dead Dishwasher

    Our first dishwasher an old portable with a cutting board top that you would wheel to the sink and hook up the hoses when you wanted to do the dishes. It had been free-cycled to us and we used it for a number of years. When it finally died, I scavenged some of the racks for my Sweetheart to use in the kitchen. One was a narrow rack that slipped nicely into her pot cupboard and holds all her pot lids. The other was the cutlery basket. This particular cutlery basket had 6 compartments, 2 side by side in 3 rows. It also had a handle that you could pull out of the dishwasher and take directly to the table if you wanted. I immediately recognized what a great kitchen utensil basket it would make and it has sat on the counter by the stove ever since. We couldn’t think of what we could do with the larger racks at the time and the carcass so sadly, it went to the landfill. That always bugs me.

  • Grandmother's Rose for Mother's Day

    Last week the kids came to me for ideas as to what to do for my sweetheart for mothers day. They had come up with the usual ideas of flowers or greeting cards, even boxes of chocolates were suggested. Now I know that anything coming from the kids or grandkids would send her to the moon but some of those things were sort of same old same old, know what I mean?


  • Child's Swing To Greenhouse & Sweetheart Swing

    As anyone who has had kids knows, at some point in time you will have the framework of a swing that no one has used in years sitting in your back yard.

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