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Scaffolding advice

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2022-05-15 12:09
Planning how to work on the underside of my house on piers. Looking for advice on how best to attach a walk board to the piers/ ibeams under my house.…
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Condensation/mold considerations for interior aluminum sheeting

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2022-05-15 11:08
To help mitigate electromagnetic fields from a nearby source, we're considering adhering some sheets of thick aluminum foil to the drywall, and then covering that with pine shiplap. Would this…
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Missing house sheathing during basement air sealing

Green Homes 2 - Sat, 2022-05-14 14:03
During my basement air sealing and insulation project, I realized that the bumpout/overhang I have doesn't have any sheathing on it at all!  When I look in from the basement…
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Methods for remedial waterproofing of a 40 year old PWF?

Green Homes 2 - Sat, 2022-05-14 12:23
I'm seeking advice and experiences with damp proofing (or waterproofing) methods for an older PWF basement that has been subject to localized water ingress due to poor site grading and…
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Rigid Foam on Attic Floor?

Green Homes 2 - Sat, 2022-05-14 08:41
Hi there,I've been reading a lot about upgrading the attic insulation in my single floor zone 5 home.  My first stop has been air sealing my attic, which has so…
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Sources for window glazing materials and gasketing

Green Homes 2 - Sat, 2022-05-14 08:10
I'm relocating a Four Seasons brand sunroom to my "Pretty Good House" renovation project where it will be part of a porch/spa enclosure.  When it comes time to reinstall the sunroom,…
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Butyl or Rubberized Asphalt Window Flashing

Green Homes 2 - Sat, 2022-05-14 05:19
Hello everyone,I have window installers coming to install vinyl replacement windows in my existing 1940's house with brick veneer, over tar paper over wood fiberboard sheathing. Climate zone 6. The…
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Minisplit Sizing for Basement

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-05-13 22:05
Hi,Looking for the experts to lend a hand. I'm  installing a minisplit in my basement and trying to determine which Mitsubishi unit will best meet my needs. My location is…
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Large A frame house, impossible to meet the required soffit ventilation sqft because of large roof?

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-05-13 20:41
posting this because of another question I asked not long ago that made me think I can’t get enough ventilation for my roofthe roof is 3,300 sqft, no attic just…
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How much space between individual 1×8 boards for vented soffit

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-05-13 19:04
I only need 10 more feet of soffit and having trouble getting what I wantim thinking about just using 1x8 cypress in the last small section, how much space would…
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Tape/caulk over nail holes in sheathing?

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-05-13 16:50
I'm detailing my 1/2" plywood exterior sheathing as my primary air barrier. I'll be taping all of the seams between sheets, but should I also run tape (or sealant) over…
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protecting refrigerant line insulation from UV

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-05-13 08:33
I have two minisplits, one Fujitsu and one Senville. The Fujitsu is 3 years old, the Senville is 2 years old. Both have line set covers, but there's a section…
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Rheia Comfort duct systems

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-05-13 08:28
I saw a video by AFT construction with Mark Laliberte on a net zero home in Arizona that mentioned the use of Rheia small diameter flexible ducting and wanted to…
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Understanding the Latest Energy Code

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-05-13 02:00
The 2021 IECC raises the bar on insulation levels and energy performance
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Air-Sealing Foundation Walls

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2022-05-12 13:56
Hey guys, I'm using continuous drywall to air seal partition/exterior connections and have a step down foundation here that is a little unconventional.  I'm thinking easiest would be to extend…
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Repairing glass in a Four Seasons curved glass sunroom

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2022-05-12 11:18
I'm salvaging an older Four Seasons tinted curved glass sunroom for use on my "Pretty Good House" renovation project.  I will be using the glass for a partial South Wall…
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Insulating a commercial flat roof

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2022-05-12 08:53
We are installing TPO on a flat roof in Zone 5.  The building is old with a deteriorating parapet wall that will be repaired. There have been moisture problems, mold,…
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Bottom-Ventilated Roof Assembly

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2022-05-12 08:07
Two questions. In this type of roof assembly, should the roofing underlayment be vapor permeable, or can it be peel n stick (grace etc)? I suppose the ventilation gap means the…
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Should I be worried about XPS Exterior Insulation Under Rainscreen?

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2022-05-12 07:14
Hi All,My exterior wall assembly detailing was originally as follows (Exterior to Interior):- Vented Cladding- 1/2" Battens- 2" Rigid Min. Wool Board CI (R8ish)- Solitex Mento or Fronta Quattro WRB-…
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Climate Research Clusters Q&A Session

Green Homes - Thu, 2022-05-12 07:00
Location: Zoom

Join the Office of the Vice Provost for Climate & Sustainability for a Q&A session to learn more information about the new Climate Research Clusters program and the application process.... Read more about Climate Research Clusters Q&A Session

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