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OEB Seminar Series

Green Homes - Thu, 2024-02-22 13:30
Location: B-101, Northwest Building, 26 Oxford St, Cambridge

"The role of constraints in the evolution of plant reproductive strategies" with Jannice Friedman, Associate Professor of Evolutionary Biology
Queen's University."

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Review my Mooney Wall proposal and critique

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2024-02-22 12:57
3 bed/2 bath 1,456 sq ft single story ranch (conditioned walk out basement)Basement slab R10 underneath, slab complete thermal break3" EPS continuous from the footing over rimjoist to under the…
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R30 air impermeable non-vented roof insulation without petrochemicals?

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2024-02-22 12:40
For my wildfire rebuild in Los Angeles County, we are putting in an unvented cathedral roof with clay tiles. It has to be unvented for fire safety. This is requiring…
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Do we need a vapor barrier between the plywood board and chimney chase cover?

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2024-02-22 11:24
We converted our wood-burning fireplace to an electric fireplace. The electric fireplace box is placed in a chamber that has double layer of 1.5" T-tech foam insulation on the exterior…
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Climate Research Workshop

Green Homes - Thu, 2024-02-22 11:15
Location: HKS

"Quantifying the Impact of Climate Change on Health in South Asia" with Caroline Buckee, Professor of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health.

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Hydronic heat – underfloor vs in-wall

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2024-02-22 10:36
Not asking for any individual project, but just to get a sense of people’s thoughts. My apologies if you aren’t interested in hypotheticals.Underfloor heating remains popular in Europe, but in…
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The Environment Forum

Green Homes - Thu, 2024-02-22 10:00
Location: Barker Center 133, Mahindra Humanities Center, 12 Quincy Street Cambridge, MA

"Inherently Limited by Our Imaginations: Health Anxieties, Politics, and the History of the Climate Crisis" with David Jones.

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ERV placement – worth the candle?

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2024-02-22 09:37
The house has two systems, three zones. One zone covers the main floor and basement. The basement is finished with almost zero space left for mechanicals.There is an unused vent…
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ASHP burning dust smell

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2024-02-22 08:14
We've had our new ASHP* up and running since November. It's a ducted Mitsubishi system: outdoor: PUZ-HA36NKA; indoor: PVA-A36AA7. Much of the ductwork in the basement was replaced when the…
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Insulated glass in custom door

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2024-02-22 06:56
Hi- I'm building a full light custom exterior door for a client, 36"x80". There will be a single piece of 7/16" insulated glass approximately 26"x66" installed with a muntin grid…
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Rain/ventilation batten thickness Cora-vent vs strapping

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2024-02-22 05:13
I am having problems with my fiberglass frame window and door trim details with a 3/4" thick  batten rain/vent screen. Here in New England 1x3 "strapping" is usually only about…
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Understanding Wet Bulb Temperature

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2024-02-22 02:00
The "temperature of evaporation" is the lowest temperature that can be reached under ambient conditions by evaporation of water only. And it can be measured.
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Concrete Epoxy & EPS

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-02-21 20:02
Will a concrete crack epoxy resin (Simpson Crack-Pac), melt EPS foam?
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How to Attach Shed Dormer Header

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-02-21 19:40
I’m rebuilding a shed dormer and I’m trying to figure out a few details. The existing header, at the top of the dormer wasn’t attached properly to the rafters and…
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Transformative Strategies for a Sustainable Future: From Corporate Evolution to Climate Mitigation

Green Homes - Wed, 2024-02-21 16:00
Location: HUCE Seminar Room 440, 26 Oxford St., Cambridge

In the third edition of the Salata Scholar Seminar Series, we present a dual talk on transformative sustainability strategies. Lingling Jiang and Elena Indar Athwal share insights on reshaping corporate landscapes and advancing climate change mitigation through Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS).... Read more about Transformative Strategies for a Sustainable Future: From Corporate Evolution to Climate Mitigation

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When an 80gal Heat pump water heater isn’t enough

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-02-21 14:51
I'm replacing a 50 gal natural gas water heater and want to "go green". I'm fairly certain that an 80gal heat pump water heater is in our future, but I'm…
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The Campaign for the Future: The Long Road to the Inflation Reduction Act

Green Homes - Wed, 2024-02-21 10:00
Location: ZoomLeah C. Stokes works on energy, climate, and environmental policy. Her award-winning book Short Circuiting Policy: Interest Groups and the Battle over Clean Energy and Climate Policy in the American States examines why we are behind on climate action, telling the history of fossil fuel companies and electric utilities promoting climate denial and delay. In this lecture, Stokes will examine how climate policy rose to the top of the agenda, became a priority in Congress, and eventually became law through the Inflation Reduction Act.... Read more about The Campaign for the Future: The Long Road to the Inflation Reduction Act
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CZ6 Wall Assembly: Minimal exterior continuous vs none?

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-02-21 09:55
I've read as many articles on various wall setups (including on GBA) as I can. I'm in CZ6 and the most common setup I see (I'm a rater working with…
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Harvard Forest Seminar: Keshia De Freece Lawrence

Green Homes - Wed, 2024-02-21 09:00
Location: Zoom & 324 North Main Street, Petersham

Keshia De Freece Lawrence - Indigenous Creationism and Forestry: Our Red-tail Hawks and Red Cedar Trees... Read more about Harvard Forest Seminar: Keshia De Freece Lawrence

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Blown-in Cellulose in Basement Walls (CI on foundation)

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-02-21 08:11
Is blown-in cellulose insulation something that is suitable for use in a basement wall assembly? I have continuous XPS rigid foam insulation (NGX R7.5) adhered to the foundation walls along…
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