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Urgent question (can pay)

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-05-20 10:27
We are building restaurant in North Carolina and have run into a big issue. The plans describe, from inside to outside—metal studs, OSB, vapor barrier, continuous foam board, air gap,…
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Center for Geographic Analysis Virtual Forum 2022

Green Homes - Fri, 2022-05-20 08:30
Location: Zoom

Join the Center for Geographic Analysis for "The Uneven Georgraphy of Climate Change," a virtual forum where invited speakers and registered attendees will explore the uneven geography of climate change while surveying data and technology that can advance our understanding of these various inequities.... Read more about Center for Geographic Analysis Virtual Forum 2022

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Study Finds “Disturbing” Pattern in Methane Leaks

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-05-20 02:00
More gas leaks are found in low-income areas with higher percentage of people of color
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Are Wall Dew Point Calculations for the Summer in Climate Zone 5 Critical?

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2022-05-19 17:51
I am wrestling with new house build decision in Climate Zone 5 regarding the wall design. I am a fan of the REMOTE Wall concept (CCHRC), i.e. external insulation outside…
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Deciding between Mitsubishi multi-split hyper-heat (FH) vs non hyper-heat (GL)

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2022-05-19 12:20
Hi all,I'm seeking some advice on whether to go with the hyper-heat or not. I'm replacing baseboard heating with Mitsubishi multi-splits and I will have no back-up heating. Located in…
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DIY Mechanical Ventilation

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2022-05-19 09:01
Hi all - I've lived in in Seattle, WA for 5 years in a house that I've retrofitted with minisplits for heating but that has no mechanical ventilation. I've dealt…
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10 Teams Tackle Climate Change

Green Homes - Thu, 2022-05-19 07:45
May 18, 2022

Climate Change Solutions Fund awards $1.3M in research grants to address local and global issues... Read more about 10 Teams Tackle Climate Change

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Residential Post-and-Frame Construction, Part 4: Installing Windows

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2022-05-19 02:00
A lesson in flashing fixed- and casement-style windows to tie into the exterior WRB and the interior air barrier
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Will insulating my basement cinder block wall cause freeze thaw crack/ issues in the foundation

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2022-05-18 18:28
Hi All,My name is mike and I live in detroit, Michigan (Zone 6a). I am currently planning on remodeling my basement and would like some advice regarding insulation. My house…
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Delta-Dry method for insulating existing walls from the inside

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2022-05-18 16:47
I am renovating a 100-year old house near Seattle (climate zone 4 Marine). The house has wood siding nailed directly to 2x4 stud walls (no sheathing, no insulation, no tarpaper…
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Blown in Cellulose in Contact with Non-IC Rated LED Lights

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2022-05-18 16:02
Hello,Has anyone had issues blowing in cellulose insulation over non ic-rated LED downlights? Im aware that incandescent lights and can lights are a fire risk, however, is there an issue…
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Non-estrogenic resilient floor recs?

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2022-05-18 14:03
I'm doing spec for a floor in an area where LVT seems like it'd be a great fit were it not for the PVC content.Just read this piece in Mother…
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Baseboard caulking- do we need it?

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2022-05-18 12:17
Our green home is almost finished, and we noticed that there is no caulking from the baseboards to the flooring. The builder says nobody caulks them, but I think we…
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Dehumidifers, Warranties, Self Installs.

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2022-05-18 11:59
Getting tired of tossing busted big-box-grade dehumidifiers in the dumpster after a year or two.   Looking to up my game with a Aprilaire, Santa Fe, etc.  for the better warranties,…
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Access door to water shut off valve

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2022-05-18 10:25
I have added a whole house water shut off  valve to an exterior wall on my 1964 ranch house in Seattle. The access doors at my local stores are thin…
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Block wall exterior insulation and vinyl siding

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2022-05-18 06:04
Climate zone 5.  Unfinished above ground block walls.  I am converting a vacant building into a small dwelling.  I want to buy some reclaimed Polyiso and install 3", in some…
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Getting Mudsills Right

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2022-05-18 02:00
For a great start to your framing, pay strict attention to the mudsill. Know the codes, mark and measure with accuracy, provide a capillary break, and plan for air-sealing.
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4″ or 6″ duct – that is the question !!!

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2022-05-17 21:49
Got a Panasonic 100 ERV in a 750 SF ADU (I know - its overkill but I got it wholesale). 4"x 10" x 4" boots at each bedroom for supply…
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Ducted and ductless mini split on same condenser

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2022-05-17 21:37
Just starting a large addition and renovation project, and planning to figure out the most logical configuration of heads to cover the space. I currently have a LG LMU300HHV  rated…
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Insulating basement cinder block wall

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2022-05-17 17:53
Hi All,My name is Mike and I am currently planning to finish my basement in Michigan. My basement walls are hollow cinder block and I plan to paint the with…
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