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Opinions on my wall design?

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-07-10 12:58
I'm building a new workshop in Ontario.  In the US, my area would be considered climate zone #5.I've thought long and hard about this design, and I'm about to start…
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Single Mini Split for Whole Home (600 sq ft)

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-07-10 09:32
TL;DR: Is a single 18k BTU Mitsubishi Mini split enough to maintain comfort in a 600 sq ft home with the attached layout.I have read several posts about this same…
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Insulation under slab with radiant heat

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-07-10 08:37
I have seen on this site it’s highly recommended to place the 10-15mil vapor barrier directly under the slab and then the EPS or XPS below the vapor barrier. My…
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Framing over 1 inch rigid exterior insulation

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-07-10 07:32
We need to add some false rake overhangs and eave overhangs and I'm trying to find out if we can install 1 inch rigid foam first and then frame on…
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Does rigid slab insulation negatively affect the cooling properties of a basement?

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-07-10 07:22
Zone 5, mountains of Utah. Adding an addition that will be built into the hillside.  Radiant heat in the slab.  While lack of insulation obviously means it’s going to take more…
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How to Attach Cladding to Walls With Exterior Insulation

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-07-10 02:00
Strategies for fastening siding when continuous insulation is part of the wall assembly
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Is pvc or fiber cement trim a better option for long-term durability

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2024-07-10 01:49
Homeowner in Long Island ny. I plan on adding dark colored fiber cement siding to my house and need a dark colored trim. it seems that fiber cement is a…
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Pin small concrete porch to ICF Basement Wall?

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 22:16
I am building a small 8x6 front porch in front of our ICF home. We have a peel n' stick membrane / dimple board and clean gravel against basement ICF…
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Wall Assembly Question

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 19:30
We originally planned to use rockwool on the exterior and interior of our home. It is officially out of the price range. We live in northern WI. My question is,…
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Bathroom fan 2 sizes difference in performance?

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 17:59
Home depot sells Panasonic Whisper choice 80/110cfm model and then a Whisper Remodel one 80/110cfm modelthe difference between the 2 is the “Choice” model has 7” height which can be…
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What Ratio should I use for interior / exterior insulation in a Steel Frame house ? (Cold winters / Hot Summers area)

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 16:00
Hello,I'm building a new house using Light Gauge Steel Frames, and I'm worried about the insulation, there are no experts in my area it is Cold and snowy in winter…
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Ductless Mini-Splits and Age

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 15:52
Do ductless mini-splits becomes LESS efficient with age? If the filters are cleaned regularly, does a mini-split lose it's efficiency with time due to wear and tear?Also, what is a…
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Window buck material options?

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 14:54
Hey all,I was planning on using a 2x material to buck out my windows to accommodate the exterior insulation.  However, from looking at some of the lumber on-site, available at…
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Reclaimed Fiber-Faced Polyiso OK Under Vented Standing Seam?

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 14:04
I have the chance to pick up reclaimed 3" fiber-faced polyiso 4x8 sheets at $375 per 15, making it about 1/3 the cost of foil-faced from Lowe's at a similar…
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Climate 5 Wall & Roof Assembly Feedback

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 11:45
Good Morning,My wife and I are design/building a house near Syracuse, NY (Climate Zone 5) and would like some feedback on a few areas we are concerned about.1.  Would like…
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ERV intake and exhaust through eaves

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 08:58
I'm installing an ERV in our attic while converting to a conditioned attic with R20 foam above deck and R21 dense pack cellulose in rafter bays, zone 4c.My original thought…
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Vapor Barrier at Bearing Wall Footer

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 08:37
Okay one more basement prep question for this group this morning. Thanks to all who have helped so far.Basement foundation in CZ6. The perimeter building footings have already been poured…
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Some Concrete Curing Questions

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 08:08
New build in CZ 6, basement foundation with a bearing wall in the middle of the basement footprint that divides the room and carries the floor trusses. The engineered specs…
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Best practices for metal siding that doesn’t sweat/condense, Zone 5

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 02:13
Hi community,  I have a question about metal siding.  We are looking at installing continuous external insulation when replacing a water-damaged 5×13 section of wall (the above-ground portion of an…
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Rochester, Minnesota: A Model for Making Geothermal Energy Work in a City Context

Green Homes 2 - Tue, 2024-07-09 02:00
Municipal and industry leaders discuss how this mid-size city is taking progressive action on renewable energy
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