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  • Outdoor LED Lighting

    One of the things that I like to save money on is the old power bill, but not really at the expense of our quality of life or our family’s security.

    We have always felt better having our yard well light at night, especially in the winter when it can be pretty slippery.


  • Outsmart The Power Vampires

    Ever since we learned about the electricity vampires in our house, my older sister has been running around behind everyone unplugging EVERYTHING as soon as we were done using it.  I think Dad got tired of nothing ever working ‘cause he finally went out and bought the family a smart strip. Since I am the family “pro” on technology, I decided to write this blog to explain to everyone exactly how it works!

  • Solar Road To The Future

    Yesterday I was surfing the internet using two of my favorite key words: “solar” and “power” when I came across one of the best ideas I have ever seen!  What if our asphalt roads and parking lots were always dry, safe, well-lit AND smart....all while producing and storing enough solar energy to power the whole world! 

  • Experimenting with LED Bulbs

    So I’ve decided that my blog is going to be about different things I can do around the house that can save some money, which is one of my favorite topics. With 4 kids constantly leaving lights blazing in every room even in the day time, I’m looking to find ways to save even more on the old light bill. So here is my new plan:


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