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  • My Earth Day Project - Memory Game From Tin Lids

    I’m excited about my Sprouts Earth Day Project for this year. Last year I made a checker board game and this year I thought of a way to make my own Memory game.

  • DIY Shoe Repair

    Shoes are an expensive part of my budget. Sure you can buy cheap ones that fall apart in the first week, but I’ve learned to spend a little more to get something that’s better made. I’ve also learned that my feet don’t stink as much if don’t wear shoes made from plastic or vinyl.

  • Resuse Ideas For Dryer Sheets

    The neighbourhood ladies got together at Alice’s house last week. Her special dessert treat was waiting for us in the middle of her coffee table - a spectacular edible fruit arrangement.

  • Dead Lawnmower To Planting Cart

    Last summer my old lawn mower gave up the ghost. The engine was way beyond fixing and the cost of a new engine was just about the cost of a whole new mower so I bought a new mower but I still had the old one. See the deck, wheels and handle were still in good shape, I hated the thought of just getting rid of it but to keep it I had to find a good use for it.

  • Recycle Those Batteries!



    I ran across an article today on Earthtimes.org that said the US would be recycling all batteries in a volunteer program as of Spring 2013.


    I was shocked. I had no idea that most people weren’t already recycling all their batteries whether they be disposable or rechargeable. In our house we have a special shelf for recyclables that can’t go into our ordinary bluebox like batteries (we have a small buckets to save them in) lightbulbs, electronics, or things like old paint.

  • Surviving On A Living Allowance

    My parents decided a few years ago that the best way to teach me and my older sister how to manage money was to allow us to look after our own fiances. They started giving us a living allowance every week that we are expected to budget all of our expenses with. Aside from food and things that we use from the household like internet, electricity and water, etc. we take care of whatever we need to buy for ourselves.

  • Recycle Your Old Eye Glasses

    Yesterday, I was cleaning out a junk drawer and found a bunch of old glasses cases with outdated prescription glasses. We never have thrown out our glasses when we get a new pair because we always think that it’s good to keep the old ones for a spare in case we lose or break our new pair. Now, we seem to have quite a collection going. We’ve always taken really good care of our glasses, so they all are in excellent shape. A couple of pairs even had their own set of clip on sunglasses. I decided it was time to see about how to go about recycling them to someone else who could use them.

  • Cracking The Recycling Code

    There are still communities that do not have recycling programs and some of those that do are restrictive in what they will accept. For example, some programs will only accept certain kinds of plastic. How do you know which kinds of plastic they will accept? Usually, they will tell you by the number. I’ve done some research to help crack the recycling code. 

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