My Earth Day Project - Memory Game From Tin Lids

I’m excited about my Sprouts Earth Day Project for this year. Last year I made a checker board game and this year I thought of a way to make my own Memory game.


We always save the tops from our frozen juice cans. There’s lots of different things you can do with them. My brother made Christmas Tree ornaments for my Gramma this year. He put everyone’s baby pictures on them. Now my Gramma’s Christmas tree turns into a family tree! He says he's going to make a new ornament every time a new baby is born.


To make my memory game, I take 2 lids and paste the same picture on each one. I had some stickers, so I made some by just putting the same sticker on two different lids. Then I started looking at other things I could use. I found 2 used postage stamps that were the same so I glued them to lids. My Grampa had 2 of the same gardening catalog with lots of pretty pictures in it. I found some really nice flowers to paste on my lids.

My Mom gave me the idea of taking the cardboard from different food boxes that had something on them. I took the empty macaroni box and cut out 2 different circles of the macaroni picture. I also look for other identical pictures that  I can cut out and paste on my lids. A glue stick works really well for pasting the pictures on to the lids.


Mom gave me an empty hot chocolate container with a plastic lid for me to keep all my memory game pieces in. There’s lots of room in it for a bunch of different lids so I can keep making more and more pieces for my game to make it harder and harder.



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