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Permeable building in a cold climate

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2023-01-13 13:01
Hi - We are renovating a 1940 brick house in climate zone 4, Quebec, Canada. The question is about the necessity of a vapor barrier or vapor retarder in our…
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Gree 1 way cassette high ceiling

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2023-01-13 10:47
Does anyone know if these gree 1 way cassette can operate if the ceiling height is 18-20 feet tall?
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Can we put Rockwool up against the roof deck?

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2023-01-13 10:47
We have a 100+ year old Dutch colonial house in Climate Zone 4 that we're renovating. We have put R30 Rockwool batts in the attic flooring (without Membrain underneath)  that…
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Air sealing switch and outlet boxes

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2023-01-13 09:32
Has anyone found an exceptional gasket for air sealing duplex outlet and switch penetrations in exterior walls?  The foam gaskets that are pre-punched for multiple types of outlet and switch…
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Why Pipes Freeze

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2023-01-13 02:00
The science behind frozen water pipes and recommended preventative measures
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Factors affecting CoP of Heat Pump (Air-to-Water)

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 20:21
Hello thereSo I've had my air-to-water heat pump system doing its thing for nearly a year now, seems to work great. This winter I'd just like to tweak things a…
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Rim joist insulation question

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 17:50
Hello, I live in climate zone 6a (coastal Maine).I'm in the process of installing insulation in the rim joist in my crawl space. I have cut and attached pieces of…
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Intellibalance-100 with Boost: Actual Experience using for Bathrooms?

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 17:00
Hi All,Read the past posts I could find on the Intellibalance and have a friend who loves his.  Since the boost feature came out, who has experience using it as…
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Where to buy Insulweb in Canada

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 16:21
Does anyone know where to buy netting to install cellulose insulation in Canada or if there are alternatives to netting to install cellulose in  a roof?
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If you live in a mild climate with tolerable summer humidity, is it reasonable to have fresh air intake directly into home rather than ERV/HRV?

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 15:20
I'm located in the pacific northwest, with average winter overnight lows in the high-30s (99% design = ~30F), average summer daytime highs in the mid-70s (99% design = ~85F) with…
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ZIP Sheathing with metal roof; how to tape offset cleat at eve flashing?

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 14:45
My metal supplier doesn't have any experience with installing metal panels directly to a ZIP roof deck, but has no issues with it.  Huber says it's fine, and a few…
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Avoiding moisture sandwich

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 12:31
I have spray foamed box sills in basement. Now im turning a sunroom into a finished four season room. The sunroom is cantilevered roughly 3ft off the ground. The outside…
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Insulating Exterior Walls without Sheathing (from interior)

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 10:21
The task of this week is overhauling a bedroom that is adjacent to a busy road. Sound and temperature swings are issue in this room, despite new windows, due to…
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lowest operating temp

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 09:04
The minsiplit from Gree that was already installed in the investment properties we just bought say on the manual they can all operate down till -4. Do you think this…
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Insulating around a concrete safe room

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 07:52
Seems every time I find more answers, I end up with more questions...Building a house in middle TN and so tornadoes are a concern. We have a concrete safe room…
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Crawl Space versus Slab on FIll

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 06:44
Building a house in Climate Zone 6 with a full basement under main house but either crawl spaces or slab on fill for one section where there is ledge.  Trying…
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A Layered Approach to Indoor Air Quality

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 02:00
Tamping down the spread of Covid using the four pillars of good indoor air quality: source control, filtration, ventilation, and humidity control
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zone 7a interior wall retrofit for increased insulation suggestions

Green Homes 2 - Thu, 2023-01-12 00:26
My 1961 home is in zone 7a(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)  The house is stucco exterior, 2x4 walls 16"oc, R12 insulation(yellow paper backed fibre) - There is no option for me to…
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Seeking an air-to-water heat pump with small outdoor unit

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2023-01-11 21:46
We are building a house with a 17' height limit. We want to put the heat pump on the roof. If we use an outdoor unit above 2'4" in height,…
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How do you properly install insulweb on ceiling joists?

Green Homes 2 - Wed, 2023-01-11 20:38
I would like to install insulweb or a similar product on my ceiling joists in preparation for blowing in cellulose. I plan to sheet rock the ceiling when the insulation…
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