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Air sealing tapes

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2022-07-10 18:58
What tape is most effective sealing Styrofoam panels
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Ice and Water shield on an exterior wall….. ? asking for trouble

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2022-07-10 18:49
For our home in zone 5 (Syracuse, NY) which had some moisture intrusion issues over the last 50 + years - we were planning to replace the plywood/felt/Tyvak with Zip…
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SIP wall rot from window flashing

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2022-07-10 18:08
Hi everyone, first time posting but have read many q/a from here. Hopefully I can get some advice about the problem I’ve found in our SIP home.My fiancé and I…
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Ecoer heat pumps

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2022-07-10 16:10
Zone 5 MA coastal. Insurance situation.  Wind storm peeled off MDU roof membrane and with it all the unit's AC condensers.   The scramble to repair/replace is underway.Many of the name…
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New Old Stock Sanden HP Water Heater: Worthwhile to Purchase?

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2022-07-10 10:50
I have an opportunity to purchase what appears to be a first generation Sanden heat pump hot water heater (see attached picture). Unit is complete with all parts (Tank +…
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Head Flashing over Water Table / Skirt Board w/Rainscreen

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2022-07-10 05:13
My project: Single-story, 1/2" D rainscreen with 1" D live-edge cedar siding (projects ~2" at overlap) + 3" D cedar skirt, in Zone 2A. 2 questions:1) Rainscreen details usually show…
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The BS* + Beer Show: The BEAM Estimator

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2022-07-10 02:00
A new tool for measuring the upfront carbon emissions of our building projects
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Options to add heat pump to replace propane fed boiler? Or maybe just add some minisplits?

Green Homes 2 - Sat, 2022-07-09 23:45
Hi all Just moved into a house in Sonoma county and trying to get some idea of heating options as we are planning to install Solar and have the option of…
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Requesting help to detail Curb/Up-Step foundation basement Insulation

Green Homes 2 - Sat, 2022-07-09 19:06
Hi, Long time reader first time posting. I've really enjoyed these forums and have learned a great deal.  Thank you!In late 2020 we purchased 4 Bedroom, 1968 side split home in…
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Zip R Sheathing used for window buck

Green Homes 2 - Sat, 2022-07-09 13:51
I've done some searches, but didn't find much info:  Has anyone used ripped Zip R sheathing for window bucks for "outie" windows?  I did find one FHB video, but it…
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A few freestanding deck questions

Green Homes 2 - Sat, 2022-07-09 09:10
Hey it’s me again, first of all thanks for the info in my last thread about attached decks, you saved me a costly mistakenow, I want to use these titan…
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Should I build walls for my completely open crawlspace?

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-07-08 21:30
I live in New Orleans and most articles and videos I see about crawlspaces, well basically every article and video, has a partially enclosed crawlspace with vents. Easy peasy to…
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Renovation Advice for Exterior of 1950s Ranch

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-07-08 19:07
I'm renovating the exterior of a 1950s brick ranch in climate zone 5/6 (cold).   The plan so far is as follows:1.  Remove brick, leaving a few courses above the soil…
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Undersized slab on grade insulation?

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-07-08 16:10
Hi All,Looking at buying a house, slab on grade, in climate zone 7. We asked for the building plans. The house was completed in 2019, pre-2020 revision to our state…
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Electric radiant floors and EMR

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-07-08 15:45
Aside from the debate re: to use radiant floor heating or not …I have a client who wants to install electric radiant floor heat in a small addition but is…
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Air gap between cathedral roof insulation and inner wall

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-07-08 13:52
Hello, thanks for entertaining my question. I need to obtain r-38 in my cathedral ceiling (really an A-frame), and the rafters are 11 1/4 deep. There will be 2" of…
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As Climate Change Makes Some Areas Dangerous to Live In, It May Get Harder to Move

Green Homes - Fri, 2022-07-08 11:54
July 8, 2022

Hélène Benveniste provides a quantitative, global analysis of reduced international mobility due to resource deprivation caused by climate change, among other notable findings... Read more about As Climate Change Makes Some Areas Dangerous to Live In, It May Get Harder to Move

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Removing Spray Foam Insulation

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-07-08 10:43
Having installed foam spray insulation in the loft in Oct 2021 in order to conserve heat and energy, we now find it condemned for moisture retention affecting the roof beams.…
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Insulation trade off for A-frame roof

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-07-08 07:38
My a-frame under construction is mostly roof. Is there any sort of insulation trade off that can be made to prevent me from having to do the entire 3200sf in…
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Installing Rigid Foam Above Roof Sheathing

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2022-07-08 02:00
An updated look at roof assemblies that include a continuous layer of exterior insulation
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