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Replacing A Slab After 45 Years

Green Homes 2 - Mon, 2023-01-09 10:38
What happens to a radiant floor slab system when, after maybe 45 years, the PEX wears out?  Normally I'd think the easiest way to deal with it would be to…
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Vented nail base for residential – URGENT QUESTION

Green Homes 2 - Mon, 2023-01-09 08:04
For an extension room I am creating, from an existing porch, I would like to redo the roof, so as to have some rigid insulation on the exterior.  I will…
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All-electric Retrofit for Hot Water

Green Homes 2 - Mon, 2023-01-09 07:45
We’re working with an architect on a renovation of our 3-story 1880’s Victorian masonry home in Chicago (5a). This first phase of work includes significant improvements to the building envelope…
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U Maine Prints a Wood Fiber House

Green Homes 2 - Mon, 2023-01-09 02:00
The prototype solves some inherent problems with concrete 3D buildings, but can printing go mainstream?
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middie window install thick wall

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2023-01-08 22:02
currently considering a 12" double-stud-wall in cz-6 and noodling with window option would be an outie (flanged or euro), which would have the benefit of avoiding extension-jambs, but would…
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Slab insulation with exterior foundation insulation

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2023-01-08 21:14
I have a 1914 bungalow in Climate Zone 4C. About 15 years ago I had the foundation under most of the house replaced. It has a footing (15” wide IIRC),…
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Dense packed cellulose exterior insulation on hybrid assembly achievable?

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2023-01-08 20:43
I'm in climate zone 5A (Toronto, Canada) and have been weighing the costs/benefits of various assemblies. I was considering 4-6" of mineral wool on my exterior, then moved on to…
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Finishing Basement, Zone 5A

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2023-01-08 17:51
Hello All!I am looking to finish a basement in climate zone 5A. The plan is to add an accessory kitchen, full bathroom and half bath. Mechanical ventilation will be provided…
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Small Thermostat Heater For Mechanical Room

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2023-01-08 11:08
We live in Maine. I am looking for a small, energy efficient wall mounted heater for my mechanical room 150 sq feet that has a thermostat that will turn the…
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Importance of drywall paper backing material? Am I compromised?

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2023-01-08 08:58
Curious how important the backside paper on drywall is for structural integrity, vapor control, or other reasons?Reason I ask is I've been hanging 5/8" with "loose" backing paper and the…
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Heat Pump Turn Down Ratio (Search Function)

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2023-01-08 08:32
Does anyone know how to search for heat pumps by their "Turn Down Ratio"? For example, a heat pump that can produce 1,000 BTU/Hour and ramp up to 11,00o BTU/Hour…
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Rainscreen Gap

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2023-01-08 07:42
Do Rainscreen gaps help any more or less with a house thats being heated by an outdoor wood burner only - in Wisconsin? Regardless of siding type.
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Turning three season room into a four season room.

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2023-01-08 06:56
I live in Wisconsin. Purchased this house almost 2 years ago. They remodeled this around the early 90s and built a suspended sunroom roughly 3ft off the ground. I put…
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Conditioned Attic – Fireproof Material after Insulation

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2023-01-08 06:52
Climate zone 6: In a conditioned attic (only used for storage) which now has 4" of closed cell spray foam covered with intumescent paint (all under the roof deck), if…
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Recess Lighting

Green Homes 2 - Sun, 2023-01-08 06:18
Hello - We are planning to build two storied colonial house. New Construction. For lighting detail, I read recess can lights are bad choice to air sealing. What do you…
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Roof Detail

Green Homes 2 - Sat, 2023-01-07 19:54
Good evening,      I have recently obtained an owner builder permit for an addition to a roughly 1000 square foot 1940 built house out in Reno NV (Climate zone 5).…
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Exterior walls in Dallas Texas

Green Homes 2 - Sat, 2023-01-07 11:50
Hi all,Working on designs for my own home, and I'm at the point where I have to decide on the exterior wall construction to get an idea of wall thicknesses. My…
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IRC question regarding drip edge flashing

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2023-01-06 19:44
I was discussing flashing thickness requirements with a few friends over lunch (riveting, I know), and I’d like y’all’s opinion. Most other flashing requirements are called out by minimum thicknesses, typically…
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Vapor barrier for four-season room

Green Homes 2 - Fri, 2023-01-06 11:29
As I turn my screened porch into a four-season room, I am confused on the need/risks of adding a vapor barrier to the floor.  When the porch was built, a…
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DES 3396. Thinking Landscape - Making Cities: Designing Regenerative Futures

Green Homes - Fri, 2023-01-06 07:56
Semester: Spring
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