reusing industrial wallpaper


I don't know how many people have this kind of opportunity, but when our company moved from one office to another,
I pulled the beautiful cloth-backed vinyl wallpaper off the walls, took it home and washed it both sides to get off the glue and dirt from 15 years of hanging on our office walls with a garden hose and hung it over my clothes line to dry. The glue is quite water soluble and I used a putty knife to scrape off the thick parts. After they were dry I rolled the pieces on to a 6' piece of pvc pipe and put it away.
Nearly a year later, I have just wall-papered 2 renovated basement bedrooms with the stuff and it looks like new! I did overlap the edges to cut the seams instead of butt-joining them, but the wallpaper was so easy to work with and the 53" width meant that the rooms were done in record time. Also, because this wallpaper is so thick, it easily masks imperfections in the wall. There is a thick ndustrial wallpaper glue that needs to be used and painted on (looks a lot like floor glue). The first bucket of ordinary wallpaper paste did not work in the least, even though it said for all kinds of wallpaper.
It certainly helped that the office had 9' ceilings, so the lengths of wallpaper were more than sufficient to redo an normal bedroom, but even if they had only been in 8' lengths, a wider baseboard could probably make up for a ragged edge that needed to be trimmed.

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