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  • Message Centres Organizes Our Family

    You know how difficult it is to keep track of what everyone in a family is doing at any given time? It was driving me crazy not knowing where someone had gone or when they’d be back, and we could never find the scrap of paper that someone had written their “note” on. Also there was always the issue of messages that someone in the family didn’t get for some reason or another. 

  • Saying It With Flowers

    Now that Mother’s Day is but a memory for another year, ladies all over are putting away their vases. It always seems a shame to me how much money is spent on cut flowers that only last a few days, but there is nothing lovelier on the table than a spring bouquet, whether purchased from the floral shop or hand picked by someone who loves you.

  • Cleaning Secret Weapons

    I never fail to come home from ladies’ night without a pocketful of new ideas! Last week we were over at Judy’s house for our ladies’ night and she started out the evening by serving up jello wedges in orange peels. We were all amazed at this cute way of serving jello. Turns out it’s a snap to do. First of all you cut oranges in half and carefully scoop out the orange parts without breaking the peel. Next you place the hollowed out orange peels in a muffin tin which helps balance the peel.

  • Frugal Is Part Of Living Green

    One of my favourite books is The Complete Tightwad Gazette by the Amy Dacyczyn - The Frugal Zealot. (

  • Urban Legends

    I got an appalling and very frightening email the other day. One of my good friends, Kathy, who knows that our family has been trying to use environmentally friendly products in our home, forwarded an email warning that said that the Swiffer Wetjet was killing family pets. Apparently, the poisonous toxins in the chemicals in the cleaning solution was being licked up by unsuspecting dogs and cats and likely babies too, and then later their innards literally were expelled through their rectums.

  • Innovative Couch Covers

    I know that not every family agrees with this, but the animals in our house have always been allowed on our furniture. I also know that there is supposed to be non-shedding types of pets, but we have never managed to be owned by one.


  • Making Use of Multiples

    My Father-in-law Dad Eco is one of those people who can see an opportunity in everything and it’s a wonder the things he can think of do with ordinary stuff. He says that, "especially if you have access to a lot of the same kind of thing, you are almost obligated to find somewhere to use it". Because he grew up around that mentality, The King never passes by anything that looks like it might be going to the landfill without looking it over and telling his Dad about it if he can’t think of a reuse.

  • Reuse Those Bread Clips!

    We try to have a ladies’ night every couple of weeks in our neighbourhood where we share ideas and get in a visit with one another to catch up on our lives. We alternate whose house it’s going to be at so that all we take get a turn. Last Thursday we were at Shirley’s house and she was serving Chardonnay and cheese.

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