Wearable Valentine from Toilet Paper Rolls

We did a neat craft in Sprouts this week. My leader calls it a "wearable valentine". I'm going to make one for all of my friends!


Here's what you need:


• empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll

• red or pink paint or felts

• fine tip black felt pen (for writing messages)

• 25" or 55 cm of ribbon

• scissors

• hole punch




First you squish your empty toilet paper roll in half and crease it on both sides. My leader showed us how to make a good crease by using the handle of the scissors. Then you cut the roll in slices about 1/2" thick. You will need 2 slices for each valentine.


After you make the slices, you use your fingers to bend the top down into the shape of a heart.


Then you make a hole on each side of the top of the heart with the hole punch. It has to be closer to the top so that the hearts will hang upright.


After that, you paint or colour your hearts and then let them dry.


After they dry, you can make designs on the hearts or write special messages with black felt pen.


Then all you do is put the ribbon through the holes, tie the ends together in a knot.


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