Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard

If you are a Mac family like we are, there is a brand new gadget out there designed specifically for Apple products like Mac computers, ipads and Iphones that is both high-tech and eco-friendly! Logitech  has come up with a solar powered, wireless keyboard that charges indoors. (There is also a PC version available of course.)

How great is that, since you are always needing light when you work at the computer anyway?  May as well scoop some of it back up and use it for not ever needing to change the batteries in that keyboard.  

Dad’s always talking about how batteries are really expensive and not very eco-friendly. People need so many of them to keep all of our toys going and so many of those little acid filled canisters end up just getting thrown away in the garbage and end up buried in the ground!
That’s why we use rechargeable batteries and we have to take care of them cause they are like 5 times the price of regular batteries.  
We already have one of those aluminum wireless keyboards that’s super thin and looks really cool but I think it would be great not to ever again have to change the batteries. I'm always the one who ends up having to change them in that stupid keyboard and the screw top on our keyboard is kind of tricky to get on and off.
Plus I was reading that the keyboard will easily switch between all your apple devices like my Ipod and that Ipad.
Dad likes solar power and hates having to buy more rechargeable batteries every time we get something new so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one! I’m gonna try and convince him by using the cost vs savings argument. 
The best price I can find for the keyboard right now is $60. Good rechargeable batteries are like $10 bucks each so that is about the same cost as buying 6 batteries! Our current keyboard takes 3 batteries so we will free up 3 other batteries to use in something else that takes batteries, so really it cuts the price down to only $30. $30 is an awesome price for a keyboard that will continue to pay for itself. How can we afford NOT to buy it? 



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