Milk Jug Igloo

 We started school a couple of weeks ago. My teacher says that our class is going to build an igloo out of 4 litre milk jugs! I’m really excited about that. Miss Rees asked everybody to tell their family to start saving milk jugs because we need over 400 to build one. As soon as we get enough to start the bottom ring we will start gluing them together until it’s finished.

Miss Rees said she has a friend who is also a teacher that built one with her class and it turned out great. So she asked her where she got the instructions from and she said it’s on the internet here: How to build a Milk Jug Igloo. They have a video and everything.

The important thing is to wash out the milk jugs really well with soap and water so that there is no milk left inside. You also have to make sure that the jugs all have caps because then the igloo will be strong. It’s also best if you can get the labels off because the igloo will look better.

Mis Rees got a huge piece of cardboard that a refrigerator came in. We cut it open and put on the floor so that we have something to glue the milk jugs to. She also borrowed my grampa’s high temperature hot glue gun. She said we’re going to need a lot of high temperature glue sticks to make the igloo. The kids won’t be allowed to do the gluing because a glue gun can burn you, but we can help do everything else.


I can’t wait to get started. My family drinks a lot of milk. My Mom says it will be my job to wash out the milk jugs and take the labels off before I bring them to school. 



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