Milk Jug Halloween Decorations


Of course, you've been saving your milk jugs haven't you? Because there are just so many useful things that you can do with them and Halloween is a great reason to get creative!


Last year I shared my old skeleton pattern made from milk jugs. It's still one of my favourite halloween decorations, but if you don't have the time to sit down to put one together on your own, there are still some really easy halloween decorations you can make out of milk jugs. There are so many ways you can adapt these ideas that I'm sure you'll figure out something that will work just great with your own yard.


Here are the things you will need to make these easy decorations.


4 litre milk jugs

black felt pen marker


orange food colouring (to make pumpkins)

tea lights or string lights (to make lighted ghost heads)

white cloth or crepe paper (to make full body ghosts)


 First make sure all your milk jugs are clean and the labels have been removed. I run my milk jugs through the dishwasher with my supper dishes and the labels come right off.


One of the easiest decorations to make is pumpkins. All you need to do is draw your pumpkin faces on the outside of your milk jug with black felt pen markers,  fill up the milk jug with water, add orange food colouring, put the lid back on, shake and Voila! - you're done.


Milk jugs also make great ghost heads. You can draw your ghost face on the front of the milk jug, either with the milk jug up or inverted, depending on what you're going to do with it, and then light it up in a number of different ways.


 If you already have solar lights lining your walk like we do, all you need to do is cut the top off the milk jug (large enough to fit over your lights)  and invert it over each solar light. You'll have to remove them from the lights during the day so that they can recharge, but they will make an eerie glowing walkway of ghost heads at night.


Another way to illuminate your ghost heads is to cut a small hole at the bottom of the jug under the handle and place a battery operated tealight on the floor of the jug.  Real candles are not recommended for safety.


Alternately, if you have a string of clear Christmas lights, you can also push them inside your milk jug. This works good if you have a long string of lights and a couple of ghost heads that you are grouping together, say on the stairs.


You can also make a more elaborate ghost by inverting the the milk jug, and bunch up some white material or white crepe paper around the neck of the milk jug to make a body. Hang by the handle in a tree or on a hook in your porch. If you use white crepe paper streamers tied around the neck and hanging down, they will dance with the slightest breeze.



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