Low Cost Low Flow Toilet

My neighbor came over looking for information on these new low flow toilets. So many people are  trying to cut down on water usage and especially on the ol' water bill. I had put them into our house some time ago and have been pleased with the results.


My Dad decided not to install them in his house but to go with a MacGyver fix of filling a two litre bottle with water and put that into the toilet tank to reduce water usage.. crude but it works.


Well the neighbor didn't really want to change out the toilets that he had but couldn't just add the bottle to the toilet because of the long arm on the float. See, it is the older type that uses a long brass rod with a big round float on the end to shut off the water to the toilet tank when the tank is full. It works well but the bottle of water or just about anything else can’t fit into the toilet tank and still allow that long arm to move up and down as it needs to, so we found a third solution.


We went to our local home improvement store and got us a new float system that has the float built around the fill tube in the back of the toilet. The brand we used was Moen but there was lots of different manufacturers that make a similar type of fill valve.


Best part was that when we got it home and opened the package that it came in we discovered that the fill valve has adjustable hight so you can set the float shut off at whatever level you want. Lower level float = less water flushed down each flush = saved money!


The whole replacement part only cost about $16.00 per toilet and only took about 15 minutes to change. Almost instant low flow toilet without the cost or trouble of replacing the whole toilet. 


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