Homemade Squirt Gun

I have a sad story, but it has a happy ending. AND I found a way to reuse something too. My Mom says that reusing is the second best R of the 3Rs.


Yesterday Dad ran over my watergun with his car in the driveway. I was really mad at my Dad for breaking my watergun.  And I was also mad because Mom said she wouldn’t buy me a new one.


Mom said that It was my fault for leaving it on the driveway where he could run over it. So she said I needed a timeout.  She made come in and do the dishes so I could think about it. I got even madder about that too.


We wash out everything before it goes into the recycle bin, like cans and empty bottles and jars. One of the things I had to wash was the empty ketchup bottle. When I was washing it out, I noticed that when you fill it full of water and then squeeze it, it shoots out really far. And when you hold it upside down it doesn’t even leak!


So I said sorry to my Mom and Dad for being mad about my watergun when it was my fault for not putting away my toys like I’m supposed to. I asked my Mom if I could keep the ketchup bottle instead of putting it into the recycle bin. She said I could.  It works even better than my water gun and I can get my brother really wet with it! 


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