GravityLight Is Down-To-Earth Lighting Solution

I came across yet another awesome solution to the kerosene lamp problem in Africa, something that could help the whole world!  It’s a brilliant idea which will help the more then 1.5 billion people in the world who haven’t got reliable access to electricity and use bio fuels such as Kerosene for light once the sun goes down. 


Aside from all the pollution that is caused by burning all that Kerosene, the people who are burning it are suffering from all kinds of health issues caused by breathing the smoke.  As well there are many cases of accidents when these lamps are knocked over or break! 


There have been a lot of different attempts at solar powered solutions over the last few years but the problem is always the same...cost.  Solar panels are expensive (and don’t work when the sun doesn’t shine) and batteries are even more costly and must be replaced every couple of years...not to mention that you have to be able to get rid of the old batteries.


Enter the GravityLight, a realistic and low cost (less then $5) alternative to all other forms of lighting! With the Gravity light, all you have to do is hang the apparatus from a hook wherever light is needed, fill the weight bag with rocks or sand or whatever else you have available weighing 20 lbs.  Then when you lift the bag to its highest point gravity starts producing the energy needed to produce light for half an hour with 0 carbon footprint and absolutely no running costs.  It even has external contacts to connect and power other things like a radio or an extra lamp or even to recharge batteries. This is truly a miracle of innovative thinking to help raise the third world out of poverty and give them the basics that they need for quality of life.


When I showed my family this they really got excited about the idea and when my Mom saw that they we looking to raise funds to manufacture this light for poor countries she talked to my Dad and they decided to sponsor the project by sending them $100.  Even cooler is that when you help them out with $50 dollars or more they send you your very own Gravity light to use in your home!  I think that’s really cool and I can’t wait till ours arrives in March of 2013 after the project has been further developed.


Now the big question is where are we going to display this new toy!  I think it should go in my room as a reading light for me as I am the one who is always researching well into the night and sometimes I fall asleep with the light on!  This light is perfect for me because even if I do fall asleep it will automatically shut itself off in half an hour and there will be no energy being wasted.  In the end it’s a wise choice to give it to me because its important that I continue all my hard work researching new technology that will help our planet!


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