Gift Boxes From Toilet Paper Rolls

I like to make presents for people. This year I’m going to make a present for everyone. Mom said if I make one for each person, they can go on the table for the Christmas dinner decoration instead of buying Christmas crackers.


What I’m using for the decoration is empty toilet paper rolls. I have been collecting empty toilet paper rolls for a long time. We have a lot of people in our family!


The toilet paper rolls are not just a decoration. They are also the box for holding little gifts inside. It’s been fun making the boxes, and it’s easy!


All you have to do is carefully squish just the very end of the toilet paper roll in half. Then you squish just the very end on the other side in half. 


Now you look at the two marks on the end roll where you squished it together. You hold your hand around the end of the tube and push down on one side with your thumb between the marks. Then you push down on the other half so that it closes the end. Turn over the tube and do the other side. This makes a really neat shaped box that you can put things into.


I am using my paints to make all different colours of boxes. I’m also decorating each one. Maybe I’ll use my stickers, or maybe I’ll just paint on different designs. I want everybody to get a different one.


After I have made enough for everyone, I know what I’m going to put inside of them. I’ll tell you about that next time!


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