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We got a little postcard in the mail last week from Canada Post. It was announcing their new digital mailbox epost services. I know my family is in favour of reducing the amount of paper that we use. My Dad signed up as many of our bills to be electronic as he could, but it meant he has to log onto his account of each of the individual sites to see his bills. Each of the accounts sends him a notice when his bill is ready, but if he changes his email address, he has to go to each site he’s registered with and make his changes.


With e-post, you register your information only once and all bills come to one mailbox. Epost sends you notification by email or text when one of your statements arrive. If you have to change your email address, you only change it with epost, not everyone else.


Your mailbox gives colour-coded folders so you can organize things just like a filing cabinet. You can store your information for up to 7 years while most sites only give you access for 1 year, and you can view it from any computer on line which is really helpful if you happen to need to check on something when you’re not at home. You just log in to your account, and you have access to everything!


When you’re ready to pay your bills, you just sign on to your banking site and from there, you can sign directly into your epost box. Epost is accessible through all major financial centres except some Credit Unions.


Epost is also allowing you to open a free online safe deposit box to store things electronically like your passport and other ID, pictures and other documents. Like your bills, the things in your vault are accessible to you from any computer, and best of all, if you need to share the information with someone else, you can give them a key.


I told my Dad that he should sign up for epost and simplify all his electronic correspondence. He likes the idea of having a secure place to access all his bills at once. If you want to see what it’s all about for yourself, check it out here.



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