My granddaughter wants to bring something special to their halloween party at school this year, so she came to me and asked if we could find something to make that could be made into a Halloween theme. We went through some of my recipes and decided to "adapt" an old crowd pleasing favourite, a cheese crab ball. It's really easy to make and works as a perfect party food for a lot of people. My granddaughter was thrilled when we manuactured the crab cheese ball into into a pretty convincing zombie head, and I'm pretty sure it will be a hit with the other kids too!




4 - 8 oz packages of cream cheese, softened.

3 - cans of crab meat

1 cup of chopped green onions

12-15 pieces of thin-sliced black forest or honey ham (the thinner the better)

1 pitted black olive

1 pimento stuffed green olive


Combine the softened cream cheese, crab meat and chopped green onions with a fork or potato masher.

On your serving platter, form mixture into a head shape with nose, mouth and eyes.

Layer ham over the head shape to cover the mixture.

Cut a black olive in half and use for outside of eyes.

Cut a green olive in half and push into the centres of the black olives.


Serve with crackers

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