Boo Bear Bubbles

Me and my friend Janaya wanted blow some bubbles. But our bubble bottles were empty! My Mom said she’s not going to keep buying more and more bottles of bubbles when we can keep our old bottles and just refill them.


She told me to go to my Gramma’s and ask her if she knows how to make more bubble mix. My Gramma has lots of recipes for different things. We asked her if she had a recipe for making bubbles. She opened her recipe box and found one for us right away! She calls her recipe Boo Bear Bubbles after me!


Gramma helped us make a batch of bubbles. She told us it had to set for a while. So while we were waiting we helped her make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. When the cookies were done, the bubbles were ready to use.













1 cup warm water

4 tsp dish soap

4 tsp cornstarch

1/2 tsp baking powder


Gently mix ingredients together and let stand for an hour for best results. 

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