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Everyone is talking about Earth Day coming up on April 22nd and all of the different projects that the school and community is planning on doing to celebrate. It seems like everyone’s mind is on it right now, but what about the rest of the year? Shouldn’t every day be Earth Day?  A friend of mine sent me this YouTube video a while ago. It’s a flashmob but with a twist... its theme is recycling. View the video here:


I know if it was me, I would not have walked by that bottle on the ground. I couldn’t help but think about what it would be like if every time you did something you should, that the world would stop whatever they were doing and applaud. I’ll bet more people would do the right thing if they thought they would be rewarded for their efforts by positive recognition.


The truth of the matter is that doing the right thing often doesn’t get any recognition. Deciding to put your trash in your pocket until you can get to a waste can instead of throwing it on the ground is just a personal decision. I think that picking up someone else’s trash is actually even heroic, but probably no one will see and no one will pat you on the back.


Choosing not to purchase things like individually packaged bottled water or other beverages in disposable cups but taking your own reusable container instead is commendable, but no one hands you a blue ribbon for doing it.


Being conscientious enough to walk or take public transit instead of driving, or remembering to bring reusable bags when shopping, conserving water when you shower or even taking the time to turn out a light when you leave a room is meritorious, but chances are that no one will even notice your efforts.

But just because no one claps doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be always thinking about the repercussions of the every day decisions you make and if you are doing your part to be kind to the earth.  You know in your heart that you should be acting while keeping in mind at all times the greater good of our community and the living things that depend on a healthy environment. There is an inner reward of knowing that you’re a good person and a responsible citizen of the world. There is also a satisfaction when you know that  your own behaviour is setting a good example for others. Knowing I’m making good choices makes me feel good about myself.  As matter of fact, in my mind when I do the right thing, I have my own imaginary audience that applauds.


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