The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind

I’ve often heard humans muse about how perplexing it is that we canines get annoyed when they blow in our face, but how we love to stick our heads out the window of a moving vehicle.


Please, people!

The experience of having an unexpected garlic-infested puff of hot air aimed at one’s nostrils can hardly compare with the euphoria of allowing the wind to envelope your every sense. 


Ah, the car ride! The elation of hearing the jingle of car keys and my name being called... Just thinking about it makes my heart palpitate in anticipation. Of all the pleasures there are, aside from romping in the off-leash park or a nap on the couch, I can scarcely conjure up a more rapturous diversion in a dog’s life than a ride in the car!


I doth care not where we go, my only thoughts are only to get to the back seat and then to succumb to lure of that airy window. As the vehicle accelerates, I can feel the delirium overtake my sensibilities.


Oh, the elation of the zephyr when it flaps my ears behind my head and then, as it increases in velocity, whips up spittle from my vibrating lips. The intoxication is immediate... I can’t pull myself away. The pinnacle of the experience is reached with the cacophony of sounds, the smorgasbord of smells, the kaleidoscope of sights whipping by at 100 km an hour!


Pity the miserable wretch whose humans drive an automobile with air conditioning. You can see them drive by with their nose pressed longingly against the glass, which is becoming ever more opaque with each desperate salivating attempt to reach the ecstasy that lies just beyond that closed window. How could anyone be so cruel as to deny their best friend the simplest felicity that one can experience?


The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind. The answer is blowin' in the wind. 


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