All-In-One Valentine Envelope

This week my teacher taught us how to make poems. She said poems are a nice thing to put on Valentines. I made a whole bunch of different poems for each of my family.

My teacher says I have natural talent!


Here’s a poem I made for my Mom.

Mom I love you in every way.
Have a happy Valentine’s day!


I made this one for my Dad.

Dad I think that you know why
You are my favourite Valentine guy.

I also made one for my Gramma.

Gramma you are very sweet
Just like a Valentine’s treat!


I was going to write out everyone’s special poem on some paper and draw hearts all around them. But my big sister showed me a way better way. You cut your paper into a heart shape first, then you fold it in a special way to make it into it’s own envelope!


I wrote my sister a special poem too because she's always spending time with me and showing me how to do things.

Valentine, you’ll always be
a favourite part of my family!

First you take an ordinary piece of paper and fold it in half.  It doesn’t matter what size the paper is, but it’s easier to fit writing on your heart if the paper is bigger. Then you cut out half of a heart so the folded part is the middle of the heart. When you unfold the paper you will have a perfect heart because both sides were cut the same. Now you write your poem on the inside of the heart and decorate it the way you want.


Next you take one side of your heart and fold the edge to the middle of the heart. 


Fold the other edge of your heart into the middle of the heart too. 


Take the top of your heart and fold it in half towards the bottom, so that the top right and left corners match up with the bottom right and left corners.




Last,  fold the point of your heart down to make the flap of your envelope. You will see it looks exactly like an envelope now. You can use a sticker to seal the flap. Write the name of who the valentine is for on the other side. Easy!




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