25 Billion Apps Downloaded!

The apps store is about to hit 25 billion!  Can you believe that?  That’s more then 3 apps for everybody on the whole planet.  I’ve been watching the countdown www.apple.com/itunes/25-billion-app-countdown/   since the Apple site posted it and even though I know it’s not gonna happen I’m gonna try and win that $10,000 App Store Gift Card.


I got an Ipod touch for my birthday from Mom and Dad a couple of years ago and I only really put it down to charge the battery.  Mom and Dad let me open up my very own Itunes account on the condition that I would never spend money on Dad’s credit card.  I know this is a HUGE responsibility so am always very careful.  I really don’t need to spend any money anyways because there are thousands of free versions of everything I could ever need.  I have downloaded every good free app I can find and I have like 50 games.  I like the flashlight application and I have AIM and Google Earth and of course my personal favorite free app: Green Planet 4 Kids: itunes.apple.com/us/app/green-planet-4-kids/id379974469



Our free app is full of all the neat tricks that we have learned as a family on how to reduce, reuse and recycle.  This is where you can meet our family and follow along as we explore ways of being more environmentally friendly and save money.  It’s sort of like an electronic comic book and there really is something in there for everyone. We even have a word search game that my sister and I always play.  I have a bunch of free apps that I am going to download just as the countdown is getting closer to 25 billion.  Who knows maybe I will get lucky and one of the app I download will be the 25 billionth!


This is an exciting time for our planet.  We are getting better and better technology everyday that helps us to be better at taking care of our planet and sharing ideas.  I love that my family has got so involved in this green idea and am really excited that we have the chance to share all of our great ideas with all of you.  I know we are just getting started and we have lots of work to do, but it starts like this.  Little by little other families will follow the trend as they realize that its the right thing to do and Dad wanted me to tell everyone that saving money isn’t so bad either.


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