Brian Minter: European horticulture signals promising new flora and environmental care

Fri, 2024-02-23 12:00
Clearly the global horticultural industry is moving in a good direction
Categories: Organic Gardening

Brian Minter: Seattle's Northwest Flower and Garden Festival is just around the corner

Fri, 2024-02-02 11:00
I’ve been a huge fan of this show ever since it was started in 1989. It’s now rated one of the top ten flower shows in the world, and it’s nice to have it so close to home.
Categories: Organic Gardening

In the Garden: New roses present tasty possibilities

Thu, 2024-02-01 10:00
Edible flowers are ideal for garnishes and beverages, and even ice cream
Categories: Organic Gardening

Vegetable gardening: Indoor hydroponic systems allow for year-round salad growing

Tue, 2024-01-30 09:59
Les Verts Living's Andrew Vickerson explains the benefits of using a system for growing lettuce and baby greens
Categories: Organic Gardening

Create a wild and wonderful garden with food and flowers

Sun, 2024-01-28 10:37
BC Home + Garden Show 2024: Knotty Garden's Erin Berkyto will speak about wildflowers and food gardening
Categories: Organic Gardening

Master Gardener shares experts tips for stunning container gardens

Fri, 2024-01-26 08:48
Create a beautiful garden with a "thriller, filler and spiller" combination
Categories: Organic Gardening

Turn your veggie patch into a focal point in the garden

Mon, 2024-01-22 08:43
Learn from garden expert Carissa Kasper at the BC Home + Garden Show
Categories: Organic Gardening

Brian Minter: Vancouver parks need dedicated people and public input to ensure their long-term viability

Fri, 2024-01-19 12:00
Opinion: The importance of green spaces and the proven benefits to our health and wellness are well-documented, and the need continues to grow.
Categories: Organic Gardening

BC Home + Garden Show 2024: Come for the tips, stay for the food

Mon, 2024-01-15 10:28
Advice about home organization, sustainable gardening and real estate investing on offer at BC Place
Categories: Organic Gardening

Brian Minter: Darker hues, more insects and climate protection top gardening trends for 2024

Fri, 2024-01-05 11:00
Bold, bright, creative and futuristic — everything needed for a stunning garden in 2024
Categories: Organic Gardening

Brian Minter: Clever gifts for the gardeners on your list

Fri, 2023-12-15 11:00
Winter flowering plants are ideal presents as they will continue to grow each year and lift our spirits in the dull days ahead
Categories: Organic Gardening

Brian Minter: Vibrant, versatile poinsettias are the showstoppers of the season

Fri, 2023-12-01 11:00
Today’s poinsettias are highly relevant, enduringly popular, and a welcome addition to our Christmas décor.
Categories: Organic Gardening

Brian Minter: Gardening expert details effects of climate change on centuries-old garden

Fri, 2023-11-17 12:00
Current climate changes have modified the ways in which the maintenance of the 15th-century Oxburgh Estate is managed.
Categories: Organic Gardening
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