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Atomic Movies May Help Explain Why Perovskite Solar Cells Are More Efficient

Renewable Energy - Thu, 2017-08-10 06:35

In recent years, perovskites have taken the solar cell industry by storm. They are cheap, easy to produce and very flexible in their applications. Their efficiency at converting light into electricity has grown faster than that of any other material — from under four percent in 2009 to over 20 percent in 2017 — and some experts believe that perovskites could eventually outperform the most common solar cell material, silicon. 

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4.5-GW Solar Project in the Sahara Desert Could Supply Power to Europe

Renewable Energy - Thu, 2017-08-10 06:23

TuNur Ltd. recently said that it has filed for authorization to build a solar power export project in the Sahara Desert that would supply the European market with electricity.

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To Solve ‘Duck Curve,’ Missouri Utility to Pay Bonus for West-Facing Solar Panels

Renewable Energy - Wed, 2017-08-09 18:56

In an effort to better align solar-energy production with peak demand, the electric utility in Columbia, Missouri, has begun to pay higher rebates for new west-facing arrays than it will for those facing south.

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Alphabet's Green Energy Ambitions Hit Turbulence

Renewable Energy - Wed, 2017-08-09 18:22

On May 16, Makani released a YouTube video. A camera pans on a T-shaped airplane, with wings stretching 85 feet holding eight small turbines and a tether connecting it to a tall ground station. The plane swoops into the air. It dips and soars, looping elegantly in circles that mimic a windmill, something it was built to replace.


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Renewable Energy - Wed, 2017-08-09 18:13
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Renewable Energy - Wed, 2017-08-09 16:57
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Oil and Gas Companies Discuss Diversification at the Offshore Wind Executive Summit

Renewable Energy - Wed, 2017-08-09 12:50

On Wednesday in Houston at the Offshore Wind Executive Summit, representatives from Statoil, DONG Energy, Avangrid/Iberdrola and US Wind explained why their companies decided to move into offshore wind after working in offshore oil and gas for decades.

Meagan Keiser, legal counsel for Statoil said that just this year her company launched a new division called Statoil New Energy Solutions with the aim of building a profitable renewable business. “So, my team is now working full-time in renewables,” she said.

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VL Offshore Unveils New Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation

Renewable Energy - Tue, 2017-08-08 17:11

Houston-based VL Offshore (VLO) said this week that it has unveiled its Y-Wind floating offshore wind foundation.

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SINN Power gets grant to continue wave energy device research

Renewable Energy - Tue, 2017-08-08 15:13

Wave energy developer SINN Power has received a US$1.2 million grant from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to expand its research activities on the Greek island of Crete.

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Notes from the Solar Underground: The Danger of Conjecture

Renewable Energy - Tue, 2017-08-08 12:18

As with advice, conjecture is easy to give as typically the conjecturers, as with advice givers, have little at stake and sometimes much to gain. First and foremost, conjecturers gain attention, second but not necessarily second-most, if the eventual outcome falls anywhere in the vicinity of the initial conjecture, the giver gains credibility. 

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Utilities Shifting Away from Wind, Solar PPAs

Renewable Energy - Tue, 2017-08-08 12:00

There’s a new model emerging for growth-starved utilities looking to profit from America’s solar and wind power boom. American Electric Power Co. is using it for a $4.5 billion deal that’ll land the U.S. utility owner a massive wind farm in Oklahoma and a high-voltage transmission line to deliver the power.

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The Section 201 Trade Case, Part III: Will Any Americans Benefit?

Renewable Energy - Tue, 2017-08-08 09:03

I’m fairly certain that there is some American ownership of SQN Ventures and Red Lion Capital, and they would likely benefit from a decision in favor of Suniva. One person who stands to benefit is Jim Modak.

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FERC Accepts Preliminary Permit Application for 172-MW Panther Pumped Storage Project

Renewable Energy - Mon, 2017-08-07 13:27

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced on July 25 it had accepted an application for a preliminary permit for the 172-MW Panther Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project in Pennsylvania.

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Senate Restores Quorum at FERC, Confirms DOE Deputy Secretary

Renewable Energy - Mon, 2017-08-07 10:05

Quorum has been restored to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, following the unanimous confirmation of Neil Chatterjee and Robert Powelson by the U.S. Senate.

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Nova Scotian Waste-to-Energy Firm Wins $2.6 Million in Funding for Demo Facility

Renewable Energy - Mon, 2017-08-07 09:50

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) recently said that it will invest CAN$2.6 million for the construction of a “waste-to-bio-pellets” facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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The Energy Sector Needs to Adapt to Millennials—Not Vice Versa

Renewable Energy - Mon, 2017-08-07 09:18

As interns at Environmental Defense Fund, we’ve been tapped as resident experts on surviving on college budgets, social media, and all things Millennial. Research tells us Millennials are the largest living generation. So, as clean energy interns this summer, we’ve learned that gives us much power to change the game for the energy sector. But in unexpected ways.


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Queensland Opens Registrations for 100 MW Energy Storage Auction

Renewable Energy - Mon, 2017-08-07 09:00

The Queensland Labor government has kicked off its large-scale energy storage auction, calling for early registration of companies wishing to tender for the installation of up to 100 MW of energy storage before 2020, alongside 400 MW of new solar and wind farms. The Renewables 400 auction was officially launched on Monday, as a key plank of the Palaszczuk government's Powering Queensland Plan — an AU $1.6 billion scheme, first unveiled in June, to help the state meet its 50 percent renewable energy target by 2030.

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The Section 201 Trade Case, Part II: In the Hands of DIPs

Renewable Energy - Mon, 2017-08-07 08:53

The 201 trade case is being financed and organized by Suniva’s “Debtors in Possession” or DIPs. These firms want their money back. The 201 trade case is a desperate attempt to do just that.

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Why a University in Indiana Is Removing Its Coal Stacks; Hint — The Alternative Was ‘Boring’

Renewable Energy - Mon, 2017-08-07 08:45

One university in Illinois says now-defunct, coal-era smokestacks on its campus are coming down. Representatives of Ball State University said that the university decided to dismantle two smokestacks now that coal-fired boilers are no longer necessary to heat and cool the campus. 

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Germany to Take on Tesla With Gigafactory Rival

Renewable Energy - Mon, 2017-08-07 08:33

German executives are preparing to announce a new home for a lithium-ion battery plant designed to rival the output at Tesla Inc.’s Gigafactory. Terra E Holding GmbH will choose one of five candidate sites in Germany or a neighboring country next month to build its 34 GWh battery factory, Frankfurt-based CEO Holger Gritzka said in an interview.

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