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Power companies in New England tapping residential batteries to reduce peak demand

Green Power Network - Tue, 2019-06-25 07:18
Here’s the latest wrinkle in the battery boom: National Grid Plc is paying consumers to tap electricity from their power-storage systems.
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Here's how a bird started a fire at a California solar farm

Green Power Network - Tue, 2019-06-25 07:14
It may be safe for a bird to land on a wire, but not on two of them at once.
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Google spending billions on data centers in renewable energy rich regions

Green Power Network - Tue, 2019-06-25 07:10
Alphabet Inc.’s Google said it would invest 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) to expand its data center infrastructure in the Netherlands.
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Too much water or too little: hydropower fights wild weather

Green Power Network - Tue, 2019-06-25 07:02
The Kariba Dam has towered over one of Africa’s mightiest rivers for 60 years, forming the world’s largest reservoir and providing reliable electricity to Zambia and Zimbabwe.
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Giant offshore wind farm takes further steps toward construction in New Jersey

Green Power Network - Mon, 2019-06-24 10:55
Last week, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities announced it selected Ocean Wind, an offshore wind energy project proposed by Ørsted with support from PSEG, to develop an 1,100 MW offshore wind farm. Ocean Wind will be located 15 miles off the coast of Atlantic City. Construction is expected to commence in the early 2020s, with the wind farm operational in 2024.
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Nigerian renewable energy solutions provider Arnergy closes Series A financing

Green Power Network - Mon, 2019-06-24 07:03
Nigerian distributed utility company, Arnergy, announced it has raised $9 Million in a Series A round of funding led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures with participation from the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries (Norfund), EDFI ElectriFI and All On.
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Vermont electric vehicle incentives provide a ‘symbolic’ boost

Green Power Network - Fri, 2019-06-21 08:23
Vermont joined the ranks of other New England states that provide incentives for electric vehicles with Gov. Phil Scott’s signature on June 14 on a yearly transportation bill.
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EWF launches world’s first open source blockchain for the energy industry

Green Power Network - Fri, 2019-06-21 06:12
The Energy Web Foundation (EWF) this week announced that it has launched the world’s first public, open-source, enterprise-grade blockchain tailored to the energy sector: the Energy Web Chain (EW Chain). As a refresher, blockchain allows for peer-to-peer energy market transactions.
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Integrating rooftop solar just got easier for utilities

Green Power Network - Fri, 2019-06-21 05:52
Homeowners and businesses may now have an easier time getting solar panels on rooftops thanks to software developed at Sandia.
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Women are missing out on the clean energy job boom in America

Green Power Network - Thu, 2019-06-20 09:07
While the industry is welcoming more women leaders, its rank-and-file workforce is still a lot like those at fossil-fuel companies: white and dominated by men. The lack of gender diversity is being driven by manufacturing jobs, and that means women are now missing out on the biggest jobs boom America has to offer.
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EPA finalizes Affordable Clean Energy rule, repeals Clean Power Plan

Green Power Network - Thu, 2019-06-20 08:58

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule and simultaneously repealed the Clean Power Plan (CPP).

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Corani seeking financing to develop 147-MW Banda Azul hydro project in Bolivia

Green Power Network - Thu, 2019-06-20 07:27

Jose Maria Romay, general manager of Corani (a subsidiary of Ende), has announced the company is seeking financing from Latin American development bank CAF and French development agency AFD for the 147-MW Banda Azul hydro project.

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Solar industry, advocates hail New York passage of ambitious climate bill

Green Power Network - Thu, 2019-06-20 06:25
New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act passed the Assembly early in the morning of June 20 and will now await the governor’s signature. Solar advocates praised the state legislature’s adoption of long anticipated legislation that will require at least 70 percent of electric generation come from renewable sources by 2030 and providing needed funding to low-income and environmental justice communities.
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Bloomberg predicts wind and solar will power half the world and bag $9 trillion investment

Green Power Network - Thu, 2019-06-20 04:07

Wind or solar now represent the least expensive option for adding new power generation capacity in approximately two-thirds of the world.

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Eos supplying non-lithium batteries for Duke, UCSD storage projects

Green Power Network - Wed, 2019-06-19 09:52

Eos Energy Storage is manufacturer and supplier of the zinc-based Aurora 2.0 battery system for Duke Energy's McAlpine substation and as a behind-the-meter solution at the University of California, San Diego. 

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Energy storage company Saft buys Go Electric

Green Power Network - Wed, 2019-06-19 08:38

Go Electric Inc. is a specialist in energy resiliency solutions for microgrids and commercial & industrial customers integrating renewables and generators

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New York to pass 'one of the most aggressive clean energy mandates in the country'

Green Power Network - Wed, 2019-06-19 05:30
New York is poised to pass its own version of the Green New Deal with a climate bill that would more than triple the state’s solar capacity and aggressively promote development of wind farms off the state’s coast.
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U.S. solar market soars in Q1 2019

Green Power Network - Mon, 2019-06-17 23:00
In the first three months of the year, the U.S. installed 2.7 gigawatts of solar photovoltaics (PV), making it the most solar ever installed in the first quarter of a year. With the strong first quarter, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables forecasts 25% growth in 2019 compared to 2018, and it expects more than 13 GWdc of installations this year.
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Legislation introduced to encourage marine energy research in the U.S.

Green Power Network - Mon, 2019-06-17 15:00

U.S. Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Angus King (I-Maine), Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), and Jack Reed (D-R.I.), have reintroduced The Marine Energy Research and Development Act, intended to increase production of low-carbon, renewable energy from the natural power in ocean waves, tides and currents.

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Top 5 ways the UK government can support onshore wind and meet net-zero emissions by 2050

Green Power Network - Mon, 2019-06-17 04:08
In early June, the UK enshrined into law a commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, making Britain the first major economy to do so. Meeting this target will require substantial reliance on renewable energy from solar, tidal, hydro, and wind sources, both onshore and offshore.
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